Our pavilions

All of our pavilions are made by hand from natural stone. Every pavilion is made with great attention to detail. The pavilions made of natural stone can be individually changed in shape, size and type of natural stone. The steel pavilions are also manufactured exactly according to customer requirements. For the cast iron pavilions, molds can be produced as desired, so that many wishes can also be taken into account here.

Individual production

Event location for your celebration

Pavillons aus Marmor

Assembled marble pavilion at the event center

Imagine Garden

Design of the pavilion

Our marble pavilions are made of natural stone, that is, carved from blocks, flexed, milled and then elaborately polished and waxed. This is all done by hand and so every pavilion can be made according to customer requirements.

The pavilion gallery serves as a small source of inspiration

Upon your request, we will be happy to send you a complete overview of our various pavilions made of natural stone or iron.

Greenhouse for your plants

All of our steel pavilions are completely hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated in the color of your choice. The cast iron pavilions can be specially coated so that they do not corrode as easily.


Marble pavilions

with columns or statues

You have the option of having your dream pavilion made by us. You can choose a pavilion with columns or with statues, balustrades are also possible, you can get all pavilions with a closed roof made of metal (including copper). You also choose the size, shape and natural stone. 

Pavillon mit Statuen

All pavilions are well packaged and delivered individually by a forwarding agency, as natural stone is very heavy. The elements are then connected on the spot with natural stone glue and set up.

Gallery with pavilions for inspiration



Iron pavilions

from puristic to baroque

Our Orangery Salzburg is our classic. The sides are closed with safety glazing, the roof either with a sheet metal roof with light band or completely glazed with safety glass.



Our steel pavilions have many beautiful, filigree decorations. The cast iron pavilions, on the other hand, are a bit more puristic. The steel pavilions can be made in many sizes, but with the cast iron pavilions you are bound to the molds. Of course, new molds can also be made so that production can be relatively flexible here as well. 


The cast iron pavilions are available from a diameter of 200 cm with 4 columns up to a diameter of 550 cm and 8 columns. We can also offer you a closed domed roof so that you can use the pavilion even in bad weather. But first and foremost, such a pavilion serves as an eye-catcher and beautiful still life in the garden or park.

A pavilion creates a beautiful eye-catcher

pavilion 7.jpg

Imagine Garden

Octagonal basin made of bluestone

Steel pavilion



We deliver all pavilions in individual elements by forwarding agency. We would be happy to advise you on the construction. We would be happy to arrange a gala builder for you on site.