With our construction elements you will find more products that are not placed in the garden, but belong in or in the house. Here you will find chimneys, marble floors with filigree patterns, columns and balustrades, bathtubs, reliefs, portals and pillars for entrance gates. 

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Everything is made to measure

We manufacture every component exactly to measure. The fireplace surrounds are made exactly according to the dimensions of your existing fireplace. A marble floor is also cut out using a high-pressure water jet after a precise measurement of the floor plan. The columns are made by hand according to the respective room height. 

first floor without circle but with flowers 10.7.jpg

Imagine Garden

Marble floor made by high pressure water jet

Design of an ornamentation for a marble floor by CAD

We will be happy to visit you in your home or on the construction site to discuss your wishes in detail. After taking precise measurements, we will make suggestions for the design, also by CAD drawing or 3D drawing.

Greenhouse for your plants




Our fireplace surrounds are all made to measure according to the existing fireplace or wall opening. So if you decide on a border, the proportions will be harmoniously adapted to your needs and building conditions.


Fireplace surround made of white marble


Marble fireplace

Imagine Garden

Chimney production by the stonemason in individual parts


Each fireplace surround can be made from different types of natural stone. Of course, several different types of marble can also be combined with a border. 

From puristic to baroque

You can choose your preferred fireplace from a few hundred different fireplace surrounds. We carry very simple chimneys in the English style but also very pompous frames with columns and statues in large sizes of over 300 cm in height and more. Please ask for our overviews of all fireplaces!


Columns, portals, reliefs


Our columns, portals and reliefs are all made by hand from pure natural stone. In doing so, we rely on historical templates, which we have lovingly made anew. Of course, we also manufacture according to drawings and picture templates.

Our Orangery Salzburg is our classic. The sides are closed with safety glazing, the roof either with a sheet metal roof with light band or completely glazed with safety glass.


We have made columns for a newly emerging garden space, as well as columns with statues for the living area, for example to create a stately transition between individual rooms. Reliefs were made to cover a bar or as a large name plate with a coat of arms for a castle. There are numerous uses and ways to choose natural stone here.

Portal (1).jpg

A stately sandstone portal with two statues that support the archway



Marble floors

Our marble floors are all cut out under high pressure using a water jet process. Filigree patterns can be cut out in this way. We will work with you to individually design your marble floor. For this purpose, the premises are precisely measured beforehand and, for example, the borders of a pattern are precisely adapted to the course of the floor plan.

Marmorboden nach Wasserstrahlverfahren

Marble floor with floral ornamentation

Imagine Garden

Creation of the manufacturing drawing
after many discussions and drafts

Each pattern is absolutely unique. Many types of marble in different colors can be combined